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BS stats uses several segmentation methods, the segmentation package is the profound way to go about segmenting consumers, understanding what drives the segments, finding out who they are, and targeting products or positioning to them. This is achieved by using a variety of methods:

Preparation of the data: standardization, normalization, optimization, construction of factors, etc.

  • Cluster analysis. Search for best solution.
  • Discriminant analysis of clusters vs. basic scales.·
  • Discriminant PLUS analysis of brand usage in the cluster space.
  • Correspondence analysis of clusters vs. brands, demographics etc.
  • Reduction of basis to “Short List “ for assignment of later data to clusters
  • Plotting of conjoint preferences from subsequent studies in the cluster space.

Note all these steps will be warranted. Additional analyses, consultation and presentations will almost always be required. Out of these BS STATS Group provides all types of features regarding your business such as Statistics help, Statistics Modelling, Marketing Mix, Statistics Dissertation, Statistical Consulting,

Predictive Modelling in the United States, Europe, and London.

  • Are there groups of people in my target audience who are similar?
  • How do I segment the market in a way in which the segments are meaningful as well as actionable?
  • What is the best way to exploit these segments?

These questions are best answered through the use of one of the many segmentation techniques commonly used today. Our segmentation techniques include cluster analysis, logistic regression, latent class, and dynamic segmentation. Clusters can be characterized in terms of demographic, behavioral, or attitudinal variables. However, not every cluster analysis solution produces actionable results.

Our experience across hundreds of product markets puts us in a strong position to determine the best bases for segmentation. Segmentation is an iterative process and we are cognizant of the fact that obtaining usable solutions takes effort and experience.

Our promises to you are the most actionable segmentation solutions for your market.