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Our company provides market research services to organizations, market research departments within organizations, and marketing consulting firms as well as to market research agencies.

Our Marketing Science team provides excellent support to firms within the Market Research industry and can match the best available in the world. We have several years of experience working with leading research agencies worldwide and have a variety of expertise in market research.

Some common services we offer are:

We also act as an outsourcing support to Market research departments and Consulting Companies, undertaking any of the following services:


Act as an extended arm of the Marketing / Market Research department

Write market research RFPs

Invite and evaluate proposals from Market Research agencies

Recommend the best agency for the task

Analyze internal or Syndicated research data

Integrate data from various sources


Products and Services:

Conjoint Plus

Loyalty Modeling

Credit Risk Analysis



Life Time Value

Predictive Modeling

Price Sensitivity

Discriminant PLUS