Big Data

BSstats encompasses the collection, measurement, analysis, visualization, and interpretation of digital data illustrating user behavior on websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications. We also offer in statistics help, statistics Modelling-Marketing Mix-Dissertation-Predictive in the United States, Europe, and London.

  •  E-Commerce
  • Digital Data Analytics
  • Social Media Data Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Sales force optimization
  • CRM
  • Mobile App Analytics

Bsstats has experience in digital analytics and as such can help our clients analyze trends in digital metrics such as visits, content consumption, duration on site, page views, bounce rates, exit rates, etc. With historical data, we can help our clients understand relationships between site metrics and sales. We can help our clients segment their web site audience into most qualified segment groups for efficient digital promotion targeting. We can help our clients identify the most effective promotion tactics and audience segments both of which can help in campaign configuration and optimization. We have many years of experience in analyzing digital promotion impact and ROI.


Digital Big Data Analytics

Big Data driven decisions are better decisions. Using big data enables managers to decide on the basis of events rather than intuition. We provide the following services (Statistics Help-statistics Modelling-Marketing Mix-Dissertation-Predictive in United States, Europe, London)

  • PR Analytics
  • Direct-to-consumer analytics
  • Google Premium Analytics
  • Extract best insights from large and rich data sets
  • Web and Mobile Analytics