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BSSTATS Group is a Statistical consulting company operated by a group of Statisticians who
provide consulting in various areas like Market Research, Statistical Consulting, SAS
programming, and student help with homework, thesis and dissertation.
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BSSTATS Group has expertise in a variety of advanced statistical and marketing techniques
like Marketing Mix modeling, Discrete Choice modeling, Optimization, Forecasting,
Regression, Segmentation, etc..We have experience in many industries such as retail,
manufacturing, academic, pharmaceutical, financial, etc.
In addition, BSSTATS Group has experience in Web analytics, and big data analytics. At
BSSTATS we pride ourselves in efficiency, hard work and attention to detail from helping
students solve homework problems to helping companies make informed decisions.
People Also Searched for “Statistics Help-Modelling-Marketing Mix-Dissertation-Predictive
United States | Europe | London”

A few specific examples:To Market Research agencies, we provide Marketing Science
support that can match the best in the world. Our team has several years of market research
experience with leading agencies around the world. Some common services we offer in this
area include segmentation, concept screening, concept optimization, product optimization,
brand image analysis, market mix modeling, predictive modeling, price sensitivity and web
traffic analytics To Pharmaceutical companies we provide among other things, market sizing,
brand switching analysis, promotion impact analysis and provider/consumer segmentation
For students, we help undergraduate, graduate and Doctoral students with their homework,
research projects, and dissertation, both at the initial as well as later stages of the research
process. At the initial stages, our services include assistance with Research Topic, Research
Proposal, Literature Review, Method, Procedure and Analysis. At later stages of the
research, we help with statistical analysis, result interpretation and report writing.To retail
industry, we help with sales and inventory forecasting, consumer segmentation and
advertising and promotion impact analysis.To financial industry, we provide services like
credit risk modeling, money laundering modeling, forecasting and market segmentation.For
some of our clients we help with data integration and meta- analysis to make sense out of
related multiple study results and databases. For example, fusing survey data with
secondary data sometimes leads to better learning and decisions than using only one of
However, this kind of data fusion often comes with several problems including those relating
to missing data. Our data integration library vary from the common imputation methods like
regression to those that take advantage of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation
and Maximum Likelihood Estimation algorithms.
Our Data Integration services ensure that your decisions are based on synthesizing all the
databases at your disposal, and not by looking at each data source individually